Fast drying, protecting from corrosion modified resin-based anticorrosive primer paint for protecting and finishing metal (steel) surfaces. For steel structures, metal poles, partition walls, fences, doors, gates, railings, trailers and other metal surfaces, both outside and inside. Painting of technological manufacturing equipment is also possible. Forms a solid abrasion-resistant semi-gloss coating after drying. Paint can be tinted.


Surface preparation.
Before applying anti-corrosion primer paint on steel surfaces they must be cleaned of dirt, corrosion products (rust) and grease. When the surface cannot be completely cleaned from rust stains, loose rust must be removed and the surface must be sanded using sanding tools (abrasive paper, wire brush, a grinding tool, etc.). However, anti-corrosive protection in this case will be lower.

Priming before painting is not necessary. White base А is used for production of lighter colours. Mix well before use, and, if necessary, dilute with wait spirit or other type of thinner (0–5 % by volume for applications with roller or brush) to the required consistency. These thinners are also used to clean the used tools. Paint application by spraying allowed only in industrial paint shops. Air and surface temperature range: from +5 °С to +35 °С. Relative humidity should not exceed 85%. Apply 2 coatings of anti-corrosion primer paint on clean and dry surface using a brush, a roller, or an airless sprayer (nozzle diameter: 0.011"—0.017"). Single layer drying time is 10 (at the temperature of +20 °С) or 14 (at the temperature of +10 °С) hours. Store in a tightly closed container away from direct sunlight. Protect from frost.

Amount of paint required. Single coating coverage (depending on its thickness) indicated in the table. Recommended thickness of one coating is approx. 50–70 μm.

Paint calculator

* One window equals - 1m2, doors - 2m2