Board Paint


Easy to apply enamel paint for school boards and table tennis tables. The paint may also be used to paint old indoor steel surfaces, chipboard, hardboard and similar surfaces. School blackboard may be written on only after it fully dries - after 5 days at the earliest. The paint is not suitable for painting outside surfaces that are constantly affected by weather conditions, having direct contact with food, feed, or drinking water, toys and furniture.


Surface preparation.
Apply with a brush, an airless sprayer, or a roller. Use the same batch of paint for small areas. 1-2 coatings recommended. Mix well before use. The paint is ready to use. Application on wooden surfaces: apply paint on prepared, clean and dry wood surface (maximum allowable moisture content - 15 percent). Pre-impregnation recommended. Application on metal surfaces: any synthetic primer paint may be used before painting. Primer must be applied on clean (grease- and rust-free) dry surface.

Apply with a brush, an airless sprayer, or a roller. 1-2 coatings recommended. Apply second layer no earlier than after 12 hours. The paint is ready to use. Mix well before use. Apply paint at ambient temperature from +5 to 25 °C. Protect from frost.

Amount of paint required. Coverage per coat: 8–11 m²/l (dry film thickness 40–60 µm).

Paint calculator

* One window equals - 1m2, doors - 2m2