Bath & Kitchen


Water-based paint Pentacolor Bath & Kitchen for painting walls and ceiling in premises with high risk of mold and high-moisture premises. Gives the surface long-term fungus protection. Moisture-resistant wall and ceiling paint for indoor application. Does not protect plaster from spread of micro-organisms


Surface preparation.
Carefully clean the remains of old paint, and clean the surface with water. The surface to be painted must be clean, dry and free of dust and cracks. Newly plastered and highly-water absorbent surfaces (gypsum plaster, gypsum panels, first-time painted surfaces) must be primed with special primer. Any surfaces affected by fungus must be cleaned with disinfecting liquid diluted with water.

Newly plastered surface can be painted only after 3-4 weeks after plastering. Mixing before use recommended. If necessary, the paint can be diluted with water using approx. 5 percent. of the volume. Paint should be applied at the temperature from +5 to + 30 °C and air humidity up to 80 percent. Clean the tools with water after painting. Ensure the premises are well-ventilated during and after painting. Ventilate until the smell of paint disappears. Protect from frost.

Amount of paint required. One litre is enough to cover once 14 m² (2 coatings are recommended), depending on absorption properties of the surface.

Paint calculator

* One window equals - 1m2, doors - 2m2