Villa Novus


For new and previously painted wooden façade surfaces. Suitable for painting outside finishing boards, shutters, fences and other wooden structures.


Surface preparation.
Surfaces to be painted must be dry and free from any scaing paint or dirt. Micro-organisms must be cleaned using special detergents. Glossy previously painted surfaces must be roughened and cleaned from dust. New and old surfaces must be cleaned to the very wood; impregnation and priming recommended using the products suitable for use before painting with water dispersion paint.

The paint is ready to use. Mix well before use. Apply using a brush, a roller, or an airless sprayer. Apply paint at ambient temperature from +5 to +30 °C. Protect from frost!

Amount of paint required.
Coverage: 10 -12 m²/litre per coat. 2 coatings recommended.

Paint calculator

* One window equals - 1m2, doors - 2m2