Pentacolor Sauna


This water-based polycrylic varnish is designed to protect steam bath and sauna walls and ceiling from dirt, water, and alkali. Forms a transparent, strong, elastic film that is resistant to friction, cold and heat and has no unpleasant odour. After three days in water the film remains intact and withstand heat of up to 200°C. Do not use for impregnation of sauna benches! Pentacolor Sauna varnish contains no organic solvents.


Surface preparation.
Surfaces must be dry and clean and free from dust, dirt, grease spots and other contaminants.

Mix well before use. The varnish may be applied manually, with a brush or a roller. 2 coatings recommended. For the first coat, varnish may be diluted with clean water at the ratio 1:1. Mix well after diluting! The lowest working temperature +6 ° C. Thinner - water. The varnish is ready to use, and any additives can completely change its characteristics. Drying time: up to 2 hours at the temperature +23°C. Apply the second coat after 8 hours, do not dilute the varnish for the second coat. The film fully acquires its properties after 24 hours (at 23°C and 50 percent relative humidity). Protect from frost.

Amount of paint required.
Coverage: 10 -20 m²/litre per coat. 2 coatings recommended.

Paint calculator

* One window equals - 1m2, doors - 2m2