Противокоррозийная краска из алкидной смолы для алюминия предназначена для защиты металлических поверхностей от коррозии и декоративной отделки внутри помещений и снаружи. Подходит для окраски столбов, перегородок, заборов, дверей, ворот, перил, прицепов, радиаторов и прочих металлических поверхностей. После высыхания образует покрытие серебристого цвета.


Surface preparation.
Before applying the paint, clean the surface from dirt and any stains of corrosion (rust). When the surface cannot be completely cleaned from rust stains, loose rust must be removed and the surface must be sanded using sanding tools (abrasive paper, wire brush, a grinding tool, etc.). However, anti-corrosive protection in this case will be lower.

May be applied directly on steel or primed surfaces.. Mix well before use, and, if necessary, dilute with wait spirit or other type of thinner (0–5 % by volume for applications with roller or brush. Use the same thinner to clean the tools. Paint application by spraying allowed only in industrial paint shops. Apply 1-2 coatings on primed surfaces using an airless sprayer, a brush, or a roller, and in case of unprimed surfaces 2 to 3 coatings may be required. Painting conditions: ambient temperature above +5°C, relative humidity below 85 percent. The paint is ready to use. Apply paint at ambient temperature from +5 to +30°C. Protect from frost!

Amount of paint required. Coverage: 8-10 m²/l

Калькулятор выхода

* Площадь одного окна 1m2, дверей - 2m2