About Pentacolor

Pentacolor product line has been designed and developed to satisfy constantly changing client needs and offer to the market new, advanced, high-quality and harmless products. From the very first product Pentacolor product range has been constantly developed through introduction of new products resulting in a large product family consisting of paint, varnishes, and impregnators. The current product range has been developed to meed the household needs of the present day: ceiling and wall paint for different types of surfaces, floor enamel. Pentacolor offer products for protection of metal surfaces from corrosion, and surface care products for indoor and outdoor applications, including painting of a wooden façade, impregnating  an arbor, varnishing parquet and wooden furniture.

We live in the age of constant inventions, and paint market is not an exception, therefore, our experts constantly monitor market innovations related to improvements to product performance without increasing final prices to the customers. As a result, Pentacolor range now includes paint with ceramic additives which facilitates cleaning, enamel which may be applied

directly on rusty surfaces thus saving time and money for surface preparation, sauna  oil bearing temperatures up to  200 °C, and paint for bathroom and kitchen surfaces.

After successful start, we continue to work on various projects, and look for the ways to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. We believe that every challenge gives us experience and new ideas for the future.

Pentacolor is more than paint. It provides unity of colours, emotions, and lifestyle. Pentacolor colours will fill your home with emotions and create cheerful and cosy atmosphere. You will easily create your dream home as Pentacolor is more than paint!



PENTACOLOR paint meets the highest quality standarts. Long manufacturing experience and constant improvement ensure you can enjoy flawless results.


Reliable, stylish and moderns PENTACOLOR paint makes your home a place you want to stay at.


PENTACOLOR is a combination of colours and emotions that colours our gloomy everyday life making it a never-ending source of good mood.


PENTACOLOR combines colours, emotions, and lifestyle thus creating exceptional style.


PENTACOLOR – choose from calm, bright, playful, or passionate colour tones and create your dream home.


Thanks to latest technologies used in production of PENTACOLOR paint, painting process is much easier and long lasting result is guaranteed.

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