Terrace Oil


Alkyd oil and water emulsion-based treatment for protection and finish of outdoor wooden surfaces. Suitable for pressure-impregnated and untreated wood of any type. Especially suitable for planed wood. Do not use on painted surfaces. Surface treated with Terrace Oil will be resistant to cracking, dirt, and weather conditions. It contains an additive that reduces wood slippeness.
Purpose. Treatment of terraces, formwork, bridges and other horizontal surfaces and stairs, fences, etc.


Surface preparation.
The surface must be dry (below 20 percent), free from fungi (rot, mold, blue spots), and cleaned from dirt, grease and dust. Wood must be cleaned and bleached using special tools and treatments. Clean dark spots with a brush, scraper, or sandpaper. Replace rotten boards with new ones. Remains of old paint must be removed. Treat the surface (new or cleaned) with a primer. In case of pressure-impregnated wood, wait for 6 months before treatment. Untreated metal parts must be additionally pre-treated with anti-rust treatment.
Mix before use. Apply 2 coatings using a brush or a sponge at the ambient temperature above +5°C and relative humidity below 80 percent. The treatment must be applied evenly from one edge to another along wood fibres by carefully rubbing the surface, and leaving no unprotected areas. Another coating may be applied only after the treatment penetrates into the wood. Remove the remains with a cloth. Carefully cover the sides and the underside of the boards. Annual treatment recommended for the surfaces subject to atmospheric conditions all year round.
Drying time. Second coating may be applied after 16-24 hours when ambient temperature is 20°C, and relative humidity 80 percent. In case of lower temperatures or higher relative humidity, drying takes longer. Under normal conditions, optimum wear-resistance of the treated surface is obtained a week after the application.

Paint calculator

* One window equals - 1m2, doors - 2m2